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Alfa Laval Compabloc range is compact and designed for optimum performance and serviceability across a broad spectrum of industrial process applications. Standard pressure range up to 42 bar.


The Alfa Laval Compabloc is a fully welded compact heat
exchanger designed for the complete range of process
and utility duties. The Compabloc range provides the
most efficient, cost-effective, compact and cleanable heat
exchanger solution available today. After 20 years on the
market, the Compabloc has shown itself to be the market
leader in terms of life-cycle costs and energy savings.



Alfa Laval designed the Compabloc range of welded heat
exchangers with a focus on performance, compactness, and

The heart of the Compabloc is a stack of corrugated heat transfer plates in 316L stainless steel, or other high-grade material. The plates are laser welded (models CP30 and above) and form a compact core. This core is then enclosed and supported by four corner girders, top and bottom heads and four side panels (see Sectional view of Compabloc). These components are bolted together and can be quickly taken apart for inspection, service and cleaning. The design can be configured in single or multi-passĀ  arrangements in either co-current or counter-current operation, for liquid-to-liquid or two-phase duties.