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Plates & Gaskets

As a leading supplier of spare parts and components in the UK, we hold a large stockholding of spares for all makes of heat exchangers including Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Fischer, Schmidt, Sondex, Swep, Vicarb, Tranter and more.

Servicing & Maintenance

Reduce product loss, minimise process disruptions and ensure peak performance of your heat exchangers through regular servicing, maintenance and integrity testing either on or off site.

Reconditioning & Refurbishment

Our state-of-the-art plate heat exchanger servicing centre is specifically designed to take worn plates, test their integrity and refurbish them ready to use again. 

SPX Flow Certified Service & Repair Centre and Channel Partner

This official accreditation with SPX Flow confirms that our PHE Service & Refurbishment Centre operates to the highest quality standards

Alfa Laval Channel Partner & Authorised Integrator

Our partnership with Alfa Laval allows us to provide their high quality products, with our closeness to – and experience in – your industry.

FPAL Certified

We have achieved the Achilles FPAL membership to allow us to operate within the oil & gas industies

Integrity Testing

Get in touch today to discuss our innovative GasTest 3000 - an integrity test that detects potential future plate and gasket failures.

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