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Integrity Testing

Heat exchangers and pasteurisers use integrity testing to detect leaks and other defects. This is usually done without the need to open up the plate packs on-site.

We provide two methods of integrity testing. Firstly, our more advanced option, the GasTest 3000. This test uses the advanced Hydrogen gas to not only detect defects on a micron level but to identify any future weaknesses in your plates and gaskets. This can be vital when implementing a preventative maintenance plan.

Secondly, the PasTest 2000 is also one of our methods of defect testing. This method circulates water around your plates to identify cracks.

We provide both services to give you the option to choose the most suitable test for your heat exchangers and overall production. For more information about each of these services, please follow the relevant links below.

Furthermore, testing your heat exchangers' integrity will find any defects before they cause unscheduled downtime. We are able to schedule testing into your maintenance plans or plant shutdowns to minimise disruption to production. Our PHE engineers are highly skilled and experienced in performing integrity tests which guarantees a professional and efficient onsite assessment. Their experience covers a wide range of industries and a multitude of heat exchanger types and manufacturers.

Finally, if any problems are found during the on-site test, the plates can be sent to our refurbishment centre. They will then go through our accredited refurbishment process. This process ensures your plate heat exchangers are cleaned and tested to the highest quality standards.

Not sure which method is better for your production? Get in touch with our knowledgeable technical team today to discuss your individual leak detection requirements. Or take a look at this handy information video to find out how our GasTest 3000 integrity test works.