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We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:

Plate Heat Exchangers

Tranter Plate Heat ExchangerTranter provides a large range of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHEs) for a variety of applications. The PHEs are built on a module-based concept and are designed to provide maximum efficiency in transferring heat from one liquid to another, or from steam to liquid. Frames, plates and connections can be combined to form a number of different exchanger types. By using different types of plates, with different characteristics, the heat exchangers can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. The benefit of the gasketed plate heat exchanger is that it can easily be expanded or adapted, by adding or replacing plates when conditions change.

Range includes: GC, GL, GX Ultraflex, GD Double Wall, GF Wide Gap, GW Semi-Welded


Welded Heat Exchangers

Tranter Shell and Plate Heat ExchangerAll-welded plate heat exchangers for high performance in industrial applications. Can be manufactured from dissimilar materials when only one side will be exposed to corrosive conditions.

Range includes: Supermax® and Maxchanger®


Spiral Heat Exchangers

Spiral Heat Exchangers are utilised for a wide variety of industry applications, especially for process industries. They are custom made to be used as heaters, coolers, interchangers, condensers or evaporators.

Range includes: Econocoil® and Platecoil®

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