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We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:

The range of Thermowave plate heat exchangers includes the thermolineVario, thermolinePlus, thermolineEco and thermolinePure.



Thermowave ThermolineVario Heat ExchangerCooling foodstuffs, process media, rooms and buildings places particularly high demands on thermodynamic and hydraulic design and therefore ultimately on process safety. thermowave plate heat exchangers from the thermolineVario product range are extremely flexible in design. This allows them to respond to the specific needs of customers at all times.

Range includes: TL0090, TL0150, TL0250, TL0400, TL0500, TL0650, TL0850, TL1100 and TL1500



Thermowave ThermolinePlus Heat ExchangerthermolinePlus plate heat exchangers are characterized by their outstanding efficency in high-pressure applications with natural coolants such as CO2 and NH3. With its thermolinePlus line, thermowave offers you an unrivalled high pressure plate heat exchanger in semi-welded design with an operating pressure of up to 63 bar on the module side. The variety of our frame designs and connection types are sure to impress also in this area.

Range includes: 250, 500 and 650



Thermowave ThermolineEco Heat ExchangerPlate heat exchangers from the thermolineEco series are characterized not only by their superior dynamic performance but also by their extremely high stability and efficiency. thermolineEco products can be adjusted to their operating conditions for ideal results thanks to their combination of tried and tested technology with a particularly compact design.

Range includes: 90, 150,250, 400, 500 and 650



Thermowave ThermolinePure Heat ExchangerFor all processes that involve cooling and heating in the drinks and foodstuffs industry, the thermolinePure product line offers a plate heat exchanger which is perfectly suited to this application. Our many years of experience in the foodstuffs industry is reflected in the highest quality in thermolinePure plate heat exchangers. Our pasteurisers for beer, water, soft drinks and other beverages fulfil the most stringent requirements

Range includes: 90, 150, 250, 400, 500, 650 and 850

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