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Tetra Pak’s range of flexible heat exchangers combines high performance with cost efficiency and low environmental impact. We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:


Plate Heat Exchangers

Tetra Pak Plate Heat ExchangerShape and porthole size designed for food processing results in gentle product treatment and easy cleaning. The pressing pattern is a robust design with effective product distribution, uniform flow and high heat transfer efficiency. The clip-on gaskets are effective and durable sealing performance with service friendly design and safety features. A wide range of plates and gaskets, as well as a modular and strong frame, gives flexibility to meet future demands.

Range includes: C, CW, CD and M


Tubular Heat Exchangers

Tetra Pak Tubular Heat ExchangerFloating Protection System is a superior thermal stress absorbing design with quality, efficiency and
flexibility benefits. All tubes can easily be opened for visual inspection of all parts. Six-metre tubes, protective panels and well-proven high product to product heat recovery in a compact frame with integrated holding cell. Easy to modify, rebuild and expand the unit through vast flexibility to combine tube designs and sizes.

Range includes: CD, CM, CMP, CMR, CMRF, CC, Coiled Tubular and CIP & Water Heater



Tetra Pak Contherm Heat ExchangerScraped-surface heat exchangers for viscous, sticky, chunky and crystalline. Handles food products with very high viscosity, high pressures and a wide range of media products. Available in many sizes, for vertical or horizontal mounting, with numerous options for materials and designs. Gentle product treatment through initiating/finishing product rotation in the in- and outlets. Flushable aseptic seals ensures food quality and safety.

Range includes: Contherm and Convap

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