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SWEP is a world-leading supplier of brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC and industrial applications.

We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:


Plate Heat Exchangers

SWEP Brazed Heat ExchangerSWEP A is their AHRI Certified® range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers. If you are looking for the additional security of thirdparty verified performance for your HVAC systems, this is the choice.

AB Type includes: AB10T, AB12, AB120T, AB16, AB16DW, AB35T, AB427, AB439, AB50, AB57, AB649, AB65, AB80 and AB85

AE Type includes: AE5AS and AE8AS

B Type includes: B10, B10T, B10TS, B12, B120T, B15T, B16, B17, B18, B185, B20, B200T, B25, B250AS, B25T, B25T Y-Pressure, B26, B28, B28 H-Pressure, B3, B30, B315, B320HT, B320LT, B35, B35T, B4, B400, B400T, B427, B439, B5, B50, B500T, B56, B57, B5AS, B5F, B5T, B5T SPS, B60, B633, B649, B65, B80, B80AS, B80S, B85, B86, B8LAS, B8T, B9 and BX8T

SWEP Double Wall Heat ExchangerBDW (Double-wall) Type includes: B16DW, B16DW U-Pressure and B35TDW

DB Type includes: DB200, DB300, DB310, DB400, DB500 and DB700

DF Type includes: DF300 and DF310

DFX Type includes: DFX310, DFX400 and DFX650

DP Type includes: DP200, DP300, DP310, DP400 and DP700

DS Type includes: DS400 and DS500

DV Type includes: DV200, DV300, DV400 and DV700

E Type includes: E5AS, E5P, E5T, E6T, E8AS, E8LAS and E8T

EB Type includes: EB6T

F Type includes: F120T, F200T, F250AS, F400T, F80, F80AS and F85

M Type includes: M10

P Type includes: P65, P120T, P200T, P250AS, P400T, P80 and P80AS

SWEP Heat ExchangerQA Type includes: QA80 and QA80AS

QB Type includes: QB80SH – all stainless

QD Type includes: QD20

QF Type includes: QF80S – all stainless

QN Type includes: QN85

S Type includes: S400T and S500T

V Type includes: V10T, V120T, V200T, V25, V25T, V26, V35, V35T, V400, V400T, V65 and V80

VH Type includes: VH400T and VH500T

VX Type includes: VX400

VY Type includes: VY400

T-REG Type includes: T-REG

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