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With an extensive plate heat exchanger range Sondex has got the optimal technical solution for any possible task. The unique inlet designs and plate patterns ensures a high thermal efficiency and heat transmission for any given pressure drop. Sondex delivers standard, copper brazed, semi-welded and all-welded plate heat exchangers as well as customized heat transfer solutions for any task.

We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:


Plate Heat Exchangers

Standard Plate Heat Exchangers

Sondex Gasketed Heat ExchangersSondex delivers standard plate heat exchangers as well as customized heat transfer solutions for any task. The Sondex plate pattern is designed to solve a variety of different heat exchanger applications. Models include: S4A-S6A-S8A, S7A-S14A-S20A,  S9A-S19A-S31A-S44A, S16B/S16D, S17, S21/22-S36-S47-S64, S37-SN51, S41/42-S62/63-S79-S86/87-S110, S43-S65-S100-S130-S152-S221, S52,  S67-S113-S155, S81-S121-S188-S251, S140-S201-S300, S145-S210-S315, S310-S430-S600, SDN352-SDN354-SDN356 and SG56

Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Semi-welded plates are built up in plate cassettes. A plate cassette is 2 plates welded together by means of laser welding. Models include: SW19, SW26-SW40, SW54, SW59-SW102, SW122-SW189 and SW202.

All-Welded Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers

This heat exchanger works in the same way as an ordinary tubular unit, however, it is more efficient because plates have been used instead of tubes. Models include: SAW 6, SAW 7 and SAW23

Sonder Safe Plate Heat Exchangers

The Sondex Sonder Safe system consists of two thin flow plates stamped together. Models include: S21SE-S45SE-S55SE and S86SE-S110SE

Free Flow Plate Heat Exchangers

Free Flow plates are designed for liquids containing fibres or other particles which
may clog up a traditional plate heat exchanger. Models include: SF11, SF25A, SF53, SF66, SF101-SF131-SF229, SF123, SF150 and SF160

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Sondex Brazed Heat Exchangers

Contrary to the traditional plate heat exchanger the brazed plate heat exchanger does not contain rubber gaskets and can thus operate continuously at the temperatures from minus 180°C up to plus 200°C. Models include: SL14 / SLS14, SL32 / SLS32, SL34, SL70 / SLS70, SL78 / SLS78, SL140 / SLS140, SL222 and SL333

Plate & Shell Plate Heat Exchangers

The SPS heat exchanger contains a round plate pack in which the waved “herringbone” pattern is pressed into each plate. The products pass through the port holes and into the gap between the plates. Models include: SPS22, SPS72, SPS179, SPS400, SPS646, SPS647, SPS648, SPS1200, SPS1201 and SPS1203.


Spiral Heat Exchangers

SSondex Spiral Heat Exchangersondex Spiral Heat Exchangers are circular heat exchangers with two spiral channels, each in one closed chamber.  The flow of the two products is countercurrent which makes it possible to have a close temperature approach between the two medias being treated in the heat exchanger.

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