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We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:

The Reheat heat exchangers gaskets and plates includes three standard series.

UX Series: UX-16

UFX Series: UFX-6 (UF-6), UFX-12 (UF-12), UFX-18 (UF-18), UFX-26 (UF-26), UFX-37 (UF-37), UFX-42 (UF-42), UFX-51 (UF-51), UFX-60 (UF-60), UFX-64 (UF-64), UFX-85 (UF-85), UFX-91 (UF-91),UFX-100 (UF-100), UFX-118 (UF-118), UFX-140 (UF-140), UFX-145 (UF-145),UFX-180 (UF-180), UFX-205 (UF-205), UFX-265 (UF-265), UFX-325 (UF-325)

HX Series: HX-3, HX-6, HX-12, HX-25, HX-26, HX-42, HX-50, HX-51, HX-85, HX-100, HX-140, HX-145, HX-180, HX-205, HX-265, HX-325

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