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We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:


Compact Fin Heat Exchangers

Kelvion Customized Air Cooler

Kelvion product categories in the compact fin heat exchanger range are versatile as well as efficient. It comprises customized air coolers, commercial air coolers and industrial condensers.

Range includes: Customised Air Coolers, Commercial Air Coolers, Condensers, Radiators & Dry Coolers, Coils, Closed Circuit Coolers, Compressor Coolers, Recirculation Coolers, Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers and Charge Air Coolers

Models include: Goedhart, Küba, Searle and Kelvion


Plate Heat Exchangers

Kelvion Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Kelvion product diversity ranges from gasketed to brazed and even fully-welded plate heat exchangers. This includes process-optimized model ranges that are unique in their number and special functions.

Brazed PHE Models include: TD Series, GBS Series, GNS Series, GBH Series, GBH-HP Series, GBE-GKE Series, GVH Series, GVH-HP Series,  GWH Series, GK Series, GML Series, GB-DW Series and XCR Series.

Fully-Welded PHE Models include: K°BLOC, K°FLEX, Rekuluvo and Rekugavo

Gasketed PHE Models include: NT Series, NX Series, LWC Series, NH Series, NL Series, NW Series, Freeflow Series, ND Series, GG-DG Series, GG Series, AHRI Series, Concitherm and K°Skid


Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Kelvion Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell & Tube heat exchangers are the most common design for many applications. The full range provides standardized product lines for an optimal price/quality ratio as well as customized designs for the most demanding duties in oil & gas, power generation, marine, refrigeration and many other industries.


Single Tube Heat Exchangers

Air fin coolers, air preheater and air dryer represent the optimal solution in design of processes to operate more efficiently and to reduce operating costs.


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