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We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:

Plate Heat Exchangers

Hisaka Plate Heat ExchangerHisaka PHE comes in a variety of models and is used in a wide variety of fields from the public sector to manufacturing valued for their product quality and high-level functionality have securely established Hisaka as a trusted brand.

Models: RX, LX, UX, SX, EX, GX, YX, WX

Welded PHE / Shell & Tube

Fully welded PHE achieve even further heat and pressure resistance, and can now even support the application of shell and tube heat exchangers, which were previously impossible for plate heat exchangers.

Jumbo & Super Jumbo


Brazed Heat Exchangers

Hisaka Brazed Heat ExchangerBy brazing the heat transfer plates, the BHE offers improved operating temperature and durability as well as being lightweight and compact body. The simple configuration with less parts allows a large amount of production, contributing to mass production and utilization of the customers’ devices.

Models: BX-02, BX-05, BX-006, BX-15, BX-20, BX-30, BX-50, BX-10II, BX-70X, BX-90

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