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Heat exchangers are at the heart of all process plants for heating, cooling, pasteurizing or UHT heating. GEA is established internationally as a specialist for technically and economically optimized process technology and a competent partner for efficient heat exchanger systems for the treatment of beverages.

We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:


Tubular Heat Exchangers

VARITUBE® Range of Tubular Heat Exchangers

The VARITUBE® tubular heat exchanger is specifically designed for the thermal treatment of low to high-viscosity products as well as products containing particles, pulp and fibres.

GEA Varitube Tubular Heat Exchanger

Single Tube: 

VARITUBE® S is a single tube heat exchanger for indirect heat treatment of products containing pieces.

VARITUBE® P is used for direct product/product heat recovery with smooth, fiber-containing and viscous products.



VARITUBE® E is the universal heat exchanger within this product series.

VARITUBE® M is a multi-tube heat exchanger with indirect heat exchange.

VARITUBE® HS Multitube is suitable mainly for hot water generation and hating of CIP media for high thermal performance and volume flow rates up to 60 m³/h.



VARITUBE® SK – is a specially designed flow device that keeps the heat exchanger free from deposits – it processes products containing fibres with a length of up to 30 mm, and to enable an even distribution of the product to all tubes.  This heat exchanger is available in

  • M version (VARITUBE® M-SK), P version (VARITUBE® P-SK)

The model names for GEA’s Varitube range includes: VT04, VT10, VT20, VT40, VT405, VT80, VT805, VT130, VT18

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