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We supply spare parts and gaskets for all the heat exchangers listed below:

Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchangers

The Platular® plate heat exchanger’s thermal performance and minimal temperature approach is particularly suitable for exchanges on difficult, viscous fluids or fluids charged with suspended materials, but also for the condensation of vapour under vacuum. Thanks to the multi-pass design possibilities on each circuit, the Platular® is also well suited for lengthy exchanges.

Barriquand Platular Heat Exchanger

PCV Platular® heat exchanger

The PCV is a compact and very robust PLATULAR® welded plate heat exchanger with a high thermal performance, especially developed for district heating.

Gasketed plate heat exchanger

Barriquand optimizes sizing and provides your gasketed plate heat exchangers based on thermal and hydraulic programs.

Barriquand Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Compact and ultra-efficient, brazed plate heat exchangers are used in HVAC and environmental engineering for heating, cooling, network separation applications. The brazed plate heat exchanger is used on DHW applications, refrigeration (evaporation/condensation), substations and small and medium-sized district heating installations.

Barriquand Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tubes Heat Exchangers

Shell and tubes heat exchangers are designed and manufactured in France and meet the most diverse energy needs for power of a few kW to over 70 MW. We propose tubular heat exchanger solutions suited to a wide range of operating conditions. Heat exchanger tubes from 100 mm to 3 metres in diameter, under vacuum or pressure up to 400 bar, manufactured from steel or other materials.

Barriquand Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Multi-Tubes and Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

High quality Barriquand twin-tube and multitube heat exchangers are used for sensitive or complex fluids.

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