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VT+ / HT+ Series Scraped Heat Exchangers

APV-SPX, VT+HT+ Series HEAT EXCHANGERSBased on a multi-flexible platform, the APV VT+/HT+ scraped surface heat exchanger is designed to operate under harsh conditions where other heat exchanger technologies can fail or cannot sustain operational efficiency over a longer period. Designed to heat or cool medium and high viscous products with or without particles under sanitary conditions, the APV VT+ / HT+ scraped surface heat exchanger comes in two basic configurations:


  • Rigid stainless steel frame
  • Easily extendable up to 6 cylinders


  • Rotatable cylinder for easy maintenance
  • Low space requirements


HT680 Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

APV-SPX, HT680 HEAT EXCHANGERSHorizontal cylinder arrangement mounted on a frame. The dasher is supported in both ends outside the product area, which makes the dasher pressure balanced. The heat exchanger type HT 680 is designed according to the EHEDG and 3A requirements.


  • Shaft seals are standard APV pump type for easy maintenance.
  • Product and service connections do not need to be disconnected for maintenance.


HDRT and HEXRT Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

APV-SPX, HDRT and HEXRT HEAT EXCHANGERSHDRT and HEXRT heat exchangers are designed to handle highviscosity products in heating, cooling, crystallising and freezing applications. They feature a horizontal cylinder arrangement based on a rigid construction with demountable cylinder end doors and strong bearings outside the product area to support each dasher end. The RT appellation means that the gear motor is flanged direct on to the SSHE cylinder module.