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APV-SPX, EnergySaver HEAT EXCHANGERSFor processing low-viscosity media. Designed for high thermal efficiency with a very close temperature approach. Plate with narrow gap and many contact points to secure high thermal efficiency.

APV Zephyr, Leo, Orion



APV-SPX, DuraFlow HEAT EXCHANGERSFor medium or high viscosity media. Designed for continuous process and long run time. Plate with wide gap and reduced number of contact points to ease the flow of viscous products and products containing small particles. Designed for continuous, durable flow and long run time.

APV Zephyr, Leo



For media containing fibres or pulp, requiring highest possible recovery without blocking. Wide gap plate with reduced number of contact points to ease the flow of viscous products and products containing fibres or pulp. Designed for long run time, continuous flow, and extra gentle product treatment.



The DuoSafety system is an early warning system, designed to detect leakages at an early stage and enable the end user to take precautions against intermixing of the fluids. Double wall (for added safety) consisting of 2 layers of plates per flow plate in order to drain any fluid from leakage to the atmosphere. For use in gasketed plate heat exchangers.



APV-SPX, ParaWeld HEAT EXCHANGERSWelded plate pairs. Designed with welded channels allowing handling of aggressive fluids. Widely used for single and two-phase heat transfer in refrigeration and in chemical, industrial and petrochemical applications. Corrugated plates welded in pairs. Pairs are separated by gaskets (welded pairs on process side, normal gasket technology on the secondary side).

Types include: LR2, LR4, LR9G L, LR9G N, LR9AV, LR9AL, B063, B110 L, B134L, B15 8 L, B205L, LX2,



A comprehensive range of compact brazed plate heat exchangers especially suited for water heater, district heating units, gas boilers, and solar heating. Plate heat exchanger without gaskets. Copper soldering joins the plates.



APV-SPX, PlateEvaporator HEAT EXCHANGERSFor the concentration of milk, juices, syrups, animal and vegetable extracts, effluents and industrial streams. Falling film or sometimes climbing/falling film evaporation in low height modular plate evaporator yielding superior quality concentrates.



Moody Heat Exchanger can provide all types of APV / SPX heat exchangers, such as:

SR Range: SR1, SR2 (Vega 017, Vega 028), SR3, SR6-AA, SR6-AG, SR6-GH, SR6-GL, SR9, SD9, SR23-AO, SR23-PV, SR23-VO, SR14-AD, SR14-AH, SR14-AN, SR14-AP, SR14-GD, SR15-PE

R Range: R5, ER5, R40, R405, R6, R66, R8-AH, R8-GI, R10, R106, R86, R89

TR / LR / LD Ranges: TR1, TR9-AL, TR9-AV, TR9-GL, TR9-GN, LR9-AL, LR9-GL, LR9-GN, LD9-AL, LD9-GL, LD9-GN

J / QD / QE Ranges: J060, J092, J107, J185, QD030, QD055, QD080, QE055, QE080

B Range: B063L, B063S, B110L, B110S, B134L, B134S, B158L, B158S, B205L, B205S

Pasilac Models: T4, R55, D37, K34, K55, K71, H12, H17 (Vega 017, Vega 028), N25, N35, N50, M60, M92, M107, M185

Other Models: JUNIOR, HX (Vega 017, Vega 028), HMB, P105, P190, A055, A085, CHF130, FFPE, PE SER III (RFF), RFFPE, U2, Capella, Sirius.