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ViscoLine Range

For thermal solutions for viscous food the ViscoLine range is a series of highly efficient heat exchangers that have been designed to handle your food processes in the most gentle manner. Beverages and viscous food, as well as other products, often either have high viscosity or contain particles of many different kinds. In such cases, tubular heat exchangers are often the most practical solution for heating or cooling the product.

Alfa Laval ViscoLine™ is a range of highly efficient tubular heat exchanger types that incorporates corrugated tubes or other advanced profiles designed to increase turbulence in the flow of the media to be cooled. This substantially increases the overall heat transfer coefficient.


ViscoLine Monotube (VLO)
ViscoLine Annular (VLA)
ViscoLine CIP Unit (VLC)
ViscoLine Multitude (VLM)
ViscoLine Multitude (VLR)


Aalborg Range

Aalborg MX


Aalborg MX is a compact shell and tube heat exchanger with U-tubes, ideal for heating of oil or water. The heat exchanger uses either steam or thermal oil as heating medium.


The Aalborg MX series heat exchangers have traditionally been utilized as oil and water heaters in ships’ installations but also in a variety of industrial applications thanks to the proven and cost-effective design. Basically, the Aalborg MX series is an extremely versatile design that can be customized to almost any application.


Aalborg MD

ALFA LAVAL, Aalbord MD HEAT EXCHANGERAalborg MD is a drain cooler/oil cooler/dump condenser. Aalborg MD-T is a tank cleaning heater (seawater).


  • Dump condenser/drain cooler for exhaust gas boilers
  • Cooler for lubrication oil, thermal oil or fresh water systems
  • Sea-water heater for tank washing with either steam or thermal oil heating
  • Different heat exchanging processes with sea or brackish water


Aalborg EH-U

ALFA LAVAL, Aalbord EH-U HEAT EXCHANGERAalborg EH-U is a flow-through electrical heater unit, ideal for heating of engine jacket cooling water.


The Aalborg EH-U series preheaters are used for heating of jacket cooling water.


Aalborg EH-S

ALFA LAVAL, Aalbord EH-S HEAT EXCHANGERAalborg EH-S (formerly VESTA™ EH-S) is a flow through electrical heat exchanger, ideal for steam production.

Suitable ship types

The typical type of vessels for the use of electric operated steam are:

  • Product carrier
  • Container vessels


Aalborg EH

ALFA LAVAL, Aalbord EH HEAT EXCHANGERThe Aalborg EH (formerly VESTA EH) is a flow-through electric heater, ideal for heating either oil or water.


The Aalborg EH series heat exchangers are primarily used as booster/auxiliary oil or water heaters in ships. The flexible design makes them well suited for any application where backup or booster heating is required or where electric power is the cheapest or the only available power source.


Aalborg MP-C

ALFA LAVAL, Aalbord MP-C HEAT EXCHANGERAalborg MP-C (formerly VESTA™ MP-C) is a compact shell and tube heat exchanger for either horizontal or vertical mounting. the Aalborg MP-C is the ideal choice when heating of oil, corrosive or edible cargo is required.



ALFA LAVAL, Cetetube HEAT EXCHANGERCetetube is a range of vertical, tubular-type heat exchangers consisting of a bundle of spirally-spun, finned copper tubes inside a carbon steel shell. Cetetube can be used for different operating conditions, and all can be used in heating, ventilation and hot water systems.

Cetetube is manufactured in seven sizes, with size designations ranging between 460 and 3500. Every size is manufactured in three different thermal lengths, to suit most operating conditions.

The heat exchanger is designed to ensure turbulent flow both inside and outside the tubes. The turbulent flow is favourable from the heat exchange viewpoint and makes the heat exchangers self-cleaning, to minimise the risk of fouling of the heat transfer surfaces.


Pharma X

ALFA LAVAL, PharmaX HEAT EXCHANGER 2A compact heat exchanger module developed for point of use cooling in pharmaceutical water systems. Alfa Laval Pharma-X is designed to remain sanitized even when not in use (standby mode).


Pharma Line

Alfa Laval Pharma-line is a high-quality shell-and-tube heat exchanger especially developed to meet the high hygienic demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Flexibility in the design makes it suitable for many hygienic applications, whatever the demands.

Pharma-Line S
Pharma-Line P