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Available with design pressures of up to 100 barg, Alfa Laval SHEs are designed to meet all your application needs, from dirty fluids to vacuum condensation and reboiling duties. Although Alfa Laval offers standardized versions, many customers request the customized solutions of our SHEs shown on these pages.


  • Fouling liquids: containing solids, fibres, liquors, slurries and sludges.
  • Liquid/liquid: Preheating, heating, cooling, interchanging, heat recovery.



  • Virtually no fouling and clogging
  • Reliable operation, maximum uptime
  • Easy to open and clean, low maintenance costs
  • Energy savings due to high heat recovery
  • Compactness.

The unit is preferably mounted horizontally. In the vertical position there is a risk of solid material settling by gravity to the bottom of the channel. Also, for cleaning it needs to be  rotated to the horizontal position.


Performance data

Temperature: -100°C to 400°C
Design pressure: Full vacuum to 100 barg
Diff. pressure: Up to 50 barg
Heat transfer area (max): 2,500 sqm