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Alfa Rex

Alfa Laval Plate and Frame Heat ExchangerThe Alfa Laval AlfaRex range of welded plate-and-frame heat exchangers are highly efficient and used in clean process applications. Robust and compact, AlfaRex optimizes the foot-print available.

The AlfaRex is a low-impact laser-welded PHE allowing operations in conditions of up to 40 bar g and 350°C. AlfaRex has all the benefits of a plate heat exchanger including a compact and flexible design, excellent heat transferring abilities and very little need of maintenance.

Tough & compact welded plate heat exchanger

AlfaRex is well-suited for duties involving aggressive media or high temperatures/ pressures, duties that are cyclic in temperature and/or pressure and for heat recovery. A typical AlfaRex PHE takes up only one-sixth of the floor space and weighs only one-sixth of a comparable shell-and-tube heat exchanger.


How it works

The media in the heat transfer are led into the plate pack through portholes at the corners and are distributed into the passages between the plates by the arrangement of sealing welds.

The two media flow in alternate channels in full countercurrent flow, thereby making the exchanger equally suited for liquids as well as gas and two phase duties. Cleaning is done with CIP (Cleaning in Place).

Standard materials for AlfaRex

  • Frame Plates: Mild steel. High temperature painted
  • Extended Nozzles: Metal bellow linings in channel plate material
  • Channel Plates: Stainless steel AISI 316, AISI 316L, Titanium gr. 1, Nickel 200/201