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Gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers provide efficient heat transfer in compact equipment with a small footprint. The units have a flexible design and are easy to service and maintain. The product range is extremely wide and is used in duties for heating, cooling, heat recovery, evaporation and condensation in industries ranging from HVAC, refrigeration, engine cooling, dairy and food to heavier processes like chemical processing, oil production and power generation.


ALFA LAVAL, BaseLine HEAT EXCHANGERAlfa Laval BaseLine is a range of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic applications. Alfa Laval BaseLine is a competitive choice for hygienic processes and utility applications. For more demanding hygienic applications, the Alfa Laval FrontLine range is the preferred selection.

BaseLine 3
BaseLine 6
BaseLine 10
BaseLine 11


ALFA LAVAL, ClipLine HEAT EXCHANGERS, Clip3Alfa Laval ClipLine range is used in the same hygienic applications as the FontLine range, but ClipLine is used for smaller duties. ClipLine and FrontLine are premium ranges of heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic applications requiring gentle product treatment, long operating times or superior cleanability.

ClipLine 3


ALFA LAVAL, FrontLine HEAT EXCHANGERS, Front8Alfa Laval FrontLine is the premium range of heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage and other hygienic applications requiring gentle product treatment, long operating time or superior cleanability. In comparison to the Alfa Laval BaseLine range, also used for hygienic applications, the FrontLine range meets the highest demands on hygienic control and it is the superior choice for heat sensitive media. FrontLine has a flexible design and it is possible to rebuild the connections.

FrontLine Automatic 10 & 15
FrontLine 6
FrontLine 8


ALFA LAVAL, IndustrialLine HEAT EXCHANGERSAlfa Laval Industrial line is an extremely wide range of gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers used in all types of industries. The number of sizes, plate and gasket materials and available options are enormous. Every detail is carefully designed to ensure optimal performance, maximum uptime, and easy maintenance.


Alfa Laval M line range is used in the same hygienic applications as the BaseLine range, but M line is selected when higher design pressure or when extra-long plate packs are required. M line and BaseLine are heat exchangers used in dairy, food, beverage, and other hygienic applications. They are competitive choices for hygienic processes and utility applications.

MLine 10
MLine 15
MLine TS6


ALFA LAVAL, WideGap HEAT EXCHANGERAlfa Laval WideGap gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers are suitable for fibrous fluids and for fluids containing coarse particles. Typical applications for Alfa Laval WideGap heat exchangers are sugar, bioethanol and pulp and paper processes. Depending on the duty, WideGap heat exchangers can be configured either with wide-wide or wide-narrow channels. This makes the units suitable for heating, cooling and interchanging duties.


ALFA LAVAL, AlfaCond HEAT EXCHANGERAlfa Laval AlfaCond condensers are specifically designed for condensing of vapour under vacuum. These plate surface condensers are ideal for use in applications such as vacuum condensers in evaporation systems, ethanol condensers in bioethanol plants, pan vapour condensers in sugar refineries, and as turbine condensers in small power plants. With its compact design, AlfaCond is easy to install where space is crucial.



The Alfa Laval Diabon® plate-and-frame heat exchangers are used for tough corrosive media. This range of heat exchangers combine Alfa Laval's know-how in heat transfer with Germany based SGL Carbon's expertise in graphite process equipment. Alfa Laval Diabon® gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchanger combines high-efficiency heat transfer benefits with the exceptional corrosion resistance of graphite material.

Industrial semi-welded line

Alfa Laval Industrial semi-welded line is used when gaskets are not suitable for one of the process media. Also, the semi-welded line can take a higher design pressure compared to fully gasketed plate-and-frame heat exchangers.

Industrial Semi-Welded M10
Industrial Semi-Welded M6
Industrial Semi-Welded MA30

Industrial Semi-Welded MK15
Industrial Semi-Welded T20
Industrial Semi-Welded TK20



Alfa Laval AlfaQ™ heat exchangers are used for HVAC applications such as district cooling substations, ice-storage systems, data centers, and free cooling systems. The range is certified according to the AHRI Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers (LLHE) Certification Program which ensures thermal performance according to manufacturers’ published specifications. AHRI certification is the only global, third-party performance certification for plate heat exchangers.

AlfaQ 1L (AQ1L)
AlfaQ 2 (AQ2)
AlfaQ 20M (AQ20M)
AlfaQ 2L (AQ2L)

AlfaQ 2S (AQ2S)
AlfaQ 3 (AQ3)
AlfaQ 4 (AQ4)
AlfaQ 4L (AQ4L)

AlfaQ 6 (AQ6)
AlfaQ 6L (AQ6L)
AlfaQ 8 (AQ8)
AlfaQ 8S (AQ8S)


Alfa Laval AlfaVap semi-welded heat exchangers are tailor-made, rising film plate evaporators and are suitable when concentration and viscosity of media are high. Typical applications for AlfaVap are sugar refinery evaporation systems, sweeteners evaporation systems, bioethanol and caustic evaporation. It is also suitable as a thermosiphon reboiler. Its compact design makes it ideal to install at elevated levels.

AlfaVap 500
AlfaVap 650
AlfaVap 700