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Alfa Laval AlfaNova is the first plate heat exchanger in the world to be made completely of stainless steel – made possible by the unique active diffusion bonding technology patented by Alfa Laval. Alfa Laval AlfaNova plate heat exchangers are made of 100% stainless steel, with the components fused together using a breakthrough technology that Alfa Laval has patented. This provides levels of hygiene and corrosion resistance unmatched by any other brazed heat exchanger. It also makes it practical to use stainless steel plate heat exchangers in installations normally reserved for conventional semi-welded and welded units.

AlfaNova Range Fusion Bonded PHE

AlfaNova AQ

The Alfa Laval AlfaNova AQ fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers are aimed at HVAC applications. The range is AHRI Certified® through the Liquid to Liquid Brazed & Fusion-Bonded Plate Heat Exchangers (LLBF) Certification Program to ensure thermal performance. The performance certification verifies that the product performs in accordance with the manufacturer's published rating. They are used in applications such as district energy systems, potable water heating and free cooling systems.

Alfa Laval, AlfaNova AQ Heat Exchanger

AlfaNova M

AlfaNovaM Marine line plate heat exchangers feature both plates and bonding of 100% stainless steel. AlfaNovaM Marine line is delivered with marine classification.

AlfaNova 400
AlfaNova 76

Alfa Laval, AlfaNova M Heat Exchanger