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PasTest 2000

We launched the PasTest 2000, a non-destructive leak detection testing service for pasteurisers and plate heat exchangers, a few years ago to address a critical need in the market. This need was to be able to detect leaks without opening the plate pack.

The PasTest 2000 is a patented testing method that can rapidly detect small leaks in plate heat exchangers without the need to open the plate pack. Moreover, it has been tested by Campden BRI, the UK’s leading independent food and drink research organisation. Periodic testing using the PasTest 2000 system will reassure customers about the integrity of their plate heat exchangers. It could also reduce the possibility of a product recall where the product is heated or cooled by a plate heat exchanger. This rapid, accurate test allows several heat exchangers to be tested in a single day which will reduce production downtime.

How the PasTest 2000 Works

PasTest 2000 uses only the local water supply which is pressurised and pumped through the high pressure side of the plate heat exchanger at a measured temperature. No saline, compressed air, or chemicals are introduced into the plate heat exchanger during the test. The hand-held PasTest2000 unit accurately measures any change in pressure within the closed low pressure side, and any increase in pressure rapidly indicates the presence of a plate defect.

Finally, the PasTest 2000 produces rapid, accurate results. This gives our customers the peace of mind and the necessary documentation that their heat exchanger plates are without defect, and can reduce the possibility of a product recall.

Furthermore, we also provide a leak detection method utilising hydrogen gas, considered by most to be more advanced. Find out more about our GasTest 3000.

PAS Test 2000 Demonstration
PAS Test2000 Demonstration

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