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GasTest 3000

The GasTest 3000 is one of the most sophisticated leak detection testing units for pasteurisers and plate heat exchangers in the market. This non-destructive, non-corrosive and non-toxic method of detecting plate defects is far superior to traditional methods. However, we also offer other methods of heat exchanger integrity testing we provide.

GasTest 3000 Integrity Testing
GasTest 3000 Integrity Testing

How the GasTest 3000 works

This advanced integrity testing system has been developed to meet a demand in the market for preventative detection of defects. Current systems of integrity testing simply give a pass or fail but no indication of any potential risk of future plate or gasket failure. The GasTest 3000 enables preventative measures to take place by detecting faults early, avoiding unforeseen downtime.

Using the less dense mixture of lighter molecule gases (10% Hydrogen and 90% Nitrogen) rather than the more commonly used helium gas, we can provide accurate test results.

What it detects

In a single inspection the GasTest 3000 can identify the following defects in plate heat exchangers:


  • Plate Cracks
  • Micro Cracks > 30µm
  • Micro Cracks < 30µm
  • Corrosion
  • Material Fatigue


  • Gasket Conditions

In a single inspection the GasTest 3000 can identify the following defects in tubular heat exchangers:

  • Defect Tubes
  • Weld inspection
  • Material fatigue


Regular Testing

Our expert team of PHE engineers are available to perform ad-hoc integrity testing. However, we highly recommend our planned preventative agreements. These agreements are tailored to your individual needs but can ensure you have an engineer regularly visiting site to test, service, refurbish and provide spare plates/gaskets for your PHE.

Quality Assurance

Using the GasTest 3000 system will reassure you of the integrity of your plate heat exchangers and if correctly acted upon, will prevent product contamination and ultimately product recall. When compared with other methods of crack leak detection you can identify various defects in a single inspection:

Plate Cracks Micro Cracks >30µm Micro Cracks <30µm Corrosion Material Fatigue Gasket Conditions
Pressure Test
Conductivity Test
Tracer Fluid Test
Dye Test
Helium Test
GasTest 3000 (Hydrogen)

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