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Moody Heat Exchangers has worked closely with a large soft drink manufacturer to assess their current plate heat exchanger assets and provide a professional solution to increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimise their process of forward planning.

As the site has grown significantly over the last few years and with further expansion of their PHE systems, they required support to continue to operate effectively.

It was also important for their client to implement a coordinated scheduling plan for both maintenance and budgeting.

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Our Approach

Before being able to suggest solutions for increasing efficiency, Moody’s needed to assess the current PHEs on site.

With over 40 years’ experience working with heat exchangers across a multitude of industries, they were able to quickly and accurately compile a complimentary, up to date asset list.

From this list, they were able to cross check all assets against their extensive portal to ensure all OEM PHE datasheets, specifications and drawings were current units as per the original designs.

This information allowed Moody Heat Exchangers to put together a tailored maintenance schedule for all assets.


Following the preliminary audit in which all on site stock of plates, gaskets and port rings were comprehensively compared and categorised into a priority based system, Moody Heat Exchangers determined which PHEs were critical to keep production up and running and reduce risk to production if failures or breakdowns occur.

With a variety of heat exchanger types and processes, all lead times and availability of parts were taken into consideration to ensure these critical parts were accessible in the required turnaround time.

By allowing Moody Heat Exchangers to hold this strategic stock and with a detailed maintenance schedule, their client has peace of mind that all the PHE’s will be looked after and maintained on an annual basis.


This optimisation has enabled Moody Heat Exchangers to propose commonalities between plate and gasket stock along with identifying and eradicating stock that was no longer required.

It has also allowed them to supply and hold the correct plate and gaskets stock in order to minimise the risk of downtime as well as respond to emergency breakdowns quickly to avoid loss of production costs.

With a clear asset list and strategic stock holding in place at Moody’s facilities, they were able to reduce their client’s on site stock, minimise over ordering, order duplication and incorrect parts ordering. Furthermore, a detailed and client tailored maintenance scheduling plan gives them the ability to forecast PHE costs over a number of years and also schedule works in, in-line with shutdown requirements that reduces downtime and costs.

This enabled Moody’s to offer their client a total saving of 18.6% on their annual PHE spend with a range of invoicing options to allow them to spread the cost across the duration of the contract.


Moody Heat Exchangers can provide support to help assess, manage and control strategic stock that is required to maintain plate heat exchangers across your site either at their facilities in Retford or at the client’s site.

This combined with their 24/7 emergency call out service minimises costs associated with unforeseen breakdowns. A professional maintenance schedule allows Moody’s to attend the proposed service intervals to ensure the clients optimal PHE performance all year round.

Their technical support and regular review meetings will ensure constant support throughout the contract.

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